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Zombies. They have fascinated humans for as long as we can remember. Zombies have a complex cultural heritage, being primarily associated with Hatian folklore, but finding their way into popular culture as far back as 1800 and never letting go of the grip their undead hands hold on our fascination. There’s just something about the unstoppable nature of infinite hunger that draws us in. Plus, who doesn’t love a good end-of-times story?

For Bob Collar at the Siemens Corporation, however, Zombies are more than just fodder for suspenseful television. Collar’s job, you see, is to prepare cities for evacuations in case of a number of catastrophic events such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters and even a zombie apocalypse.

Collar states, “It might seem silly to talk about how Siemens can help cities deal with zombies, but you have to approach disaster planning with a level head. We do it by adding some quirky elements, like Godzilla or zombies. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get swept away in the reality of impending doom.”

So when Collar comes up with a zombie-survival plan, it includes more than just a few supplies and belongings. His plans include how Siemens’ products and services can help save the human race from extinction from just about anything—including the undead. Collar’s survival plans, therefore, include a mass-notification system that educates citizens and a software system called an Adaptive Traffic Management System, which would allow cities to quickly recalibrate traffic lights to give priority to evacuation routes, potentially saving numerous lives.

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