What they don’t tell you about 3D printers is that in order to duplicate an everyday object, you often need multiple pieces of software and hardware in order to scan, read, fax and copy it. Then, AIO Robotics announced the Zeus 3D, a copy machine that promises to scan, print, fax and copy 3D objects with a touch of a button.

To back their mission, they launched a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of securing $100, 000 in order to bring their project to life, pricing the complete kit at $2, 500 for US backers. They reached their goal and are currently preparing for production, demoing their product across the country in hopes of securing additional funds.

The machine is the first of its kind, claiming to be user-friendly enough that a child could operate it. As it was stated in the Engadget feature on the device, “We’re still a long way off from picking up user-friendly replicators at Office Depot, but Zeus could be a step in the right direction.”

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