Your Shower Sing-Alongs Just Got Better

Gone are the days of turning your phone’s speaker on and setting it on the ledge of your sink while you jam out in the shower. Gone too are the days of being forced to listen to horrible FM stations while you lather up because your shower radio won’t pick up anything else.

Today, we introduce you to the iShower, which despite its somewhat silly name, is one hell of an invention for the “I-like-to-listen-to-music-while-I-bathe” crowd. The iShower is a nifty Bluetooth-enabled speaker that just happens to be water resistant and will work with most popular Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets and more, and can also be paired to multiple devices simultaneously.

The iShower will run you $99 and also features a clock to alert you of how long you’ve been in the shower, just in case you have to cut short your performance to make it to work on time. There are also multiple mounting options so it can be placed wherever is most convenient for you. We can see multiple uses for this thing that extend beyond the shower. Use it by the pool or at the beach or lake since it’s water resistant.




Category: Technology