Your Coal-Eyed, Carrot-Nosed Snowmen Have Nothing On These 25 Snow Sculptures


Just because we’re located in Miami, an area largely regarded as being one bereft of a real winter, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a profound appreciation for snow. In fact,  because we never receive any, snow has become something akin to a sort of environmental unicorn ’round these here parts. We do have sunny beaches though, and the sand that covers them is often used to create some rather impressive sculptures. However, these aforementioned works of granular sculpture (although impressive in their own right) pale in comparison to the sheer size and scale of the work created by those who prefer the cold stuff. Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival and China’s Harbin Ice and Snow Festival every year attract millions and make Asia the go-to area if you want to see the most sophisticated snow sculptures in the world. Between near true-to-scale snow dinosaurs, Mt. Rushmore’esque countenances and architectural masterpieces that appear to be possibly habitable, these artists show that they really know their craft. Check out a terrific collection of these amazing frozen works of art here.




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