That little bugger of a contraption you see above is called the Dash, a spry little robot modeled and inspired by the locomotive abilities of insects, namely the cockroach. Developed by Dash Robotics, the Dash (Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod) is made almost entirely out of cardboard and plastic with the exception of a special polymer layer in-between the layers of cardboard. This special polymer, combined with the cardboard flexibly augments the little bug-bot’s durability enough to be able to shrug off a 90 foot drop and keep on scuttling around as if nothing ever happened. Although at the present time, the first iteration of the Dash called the Alpha Dash only runs in straight lines, plans are already in effect to roll out a subsequent version called the Beta Dash that will be able to be remote controlled! Now all it needs is a convincing roach costume (just imagine the prank possibilities!). Check out the Dash in action in the video below and read more about Dash Robotics’ remarkably durable, single motor, little robot here.

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