A few weeks ago we posted about a campaign Yahoo was spearheading named “30 Days of Change” wherein for 30 consecutive days during August, Yahoo would be emblazoning a different variant of their logo on all of their services in the United States. Well kiddies, those 30 days are up and the new mainstay logo Yahoo will be using from here on out has been revealed. What you see above is what users of the Yahoo will be looking at from now on and if it’s not too bold to say – it’s pretty unattractive and lackluster¬†(I personally think Day One’s new logo was their best design of all 30 that were introduced). It goes without saying that drastic logo changes have not worked well in most cases, angering purists and design nuts all over so with this in mind it’s not too surprising they decided to stick to something somewhat similar in appearance. Slightly changing the hue of their distinct purple and adding some depth to the typography with some shading effects, clearly going against the current flat design trend being followed. Found here is an article noting Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer’s prior employment at Google and how it may have something to do with their decision concerning their new corporate identity.

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