Although not all companies change their logos over the course of their careers, there may come a time when a business decides that their corporate identity needs a facelift. In recent times, it seems that many (if not all) companies are taking a closer look at their current branding and making decisions to revise them in an attempt to remain fresh, new and relevant in the highly digitized age we live in. This is due in part by the proliferation of mobile apps tied in with said businesses who want attractive and legible logos when seen in much smaller spaces (i.e. mobile devices). Yahoo, one of the more recent corporate entities subscribing to this growing trend enters the foray with a campaign titled “30 Days of Change” where every day, for 30 days, Yahoo will be utilizing a different logo design on their homepage and throughout their network in the States. After the 30 days and designs have passed, the new, mainstay Yahoo logo will be unveiled. Kathy Savitt, Chief Marketing Officer over at Yahoo says:

The new logo will be a modern redesign that’s more reflective of our reimagined design and new experiences. To get everyone warmed up, we are kicking off 30 days of change. Beginning now, we will display a variation of the logo on our homepage and throughout our network in the U.S. for the next month. It’s our way of having some fun while honoring the legacy of our present logo.”

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