Xavier Casalta’s Hand Lettering and Illustrations


Artist Xavier Casalta lives in a small village with less than 500 inhabitants in the south of France. But don’t let his humble background fool you. This up-and-coming artist deserves to be on your radar.

Completely self-taught, 21-year-old Casalta creates intricate typography and illustrations by hand-drawing hundreds of thousands (We’re guessing. If you want to count, be our guest) miniscule dots.

Stippling, Casalta’s technique of choice, is the method of creating patterns intended to look solid or shaded, but which are in fact clusters of small dots.

Using a Rotring Isograph 0.10mm technical drawing pen, Casalta starts by making a quick sketch of what he wants to illustrate and then goes to town. It’s hard to believe he hasn’t even been doing this for a year.

“I started to work as an artist last year, in June 2013, when I finished my studies. I decided to stop school and try to live as an artist,” he told us when we interviewed him. Casalta says he was inspired to learn how to stipple when he saw Miguel Endara’s video, The Making of “Hero” online. He decided to give it a try and now spends all his time working on his designs.

When working with A4 paper, an illustration could take him anywhere from 30-60 hours at approximately 7 dots per second (!). He recently completed drawing of a leopard on A3 paper (pictured below) and that took him over 100 hours.

You can see more of his designs on his Behance page.












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