Wooden Bikes: Sustainable, Durable and Pretty Cool, Too!


Renovo Bicycles and Audi teamed up to create The Duo.

In a world where everything is mass-produced out of the most-inexpensive materials around, not much is built to last.

That is, unless you look for items that are hand-crafted using high-quality materials.

Well, for those of you whom are looking for new bikes to peddle around town on, why not try riding a wooden bicycle?

That’s right, fine craftsmanship is finally being respected again in the bicycle world. Many bicycles are now created using wood, which was actually the basic material used in the very first bicycles made in 1819.

And while these handmade bikes might not be able to compete with the prices of mass-produced bicycles, they do have some winning qualities. These hand-crafted wooden bicycles are incredibly appreciated due to their durability, sustainability, and longevity.

One Oregon-based shop, Renovo Bicycles, is a crafter of these wooden speed machines and they pride themselves in their innovative designs. Renovo’s team is made up of different designers with engineering, aircraft design, manufacturing and graphic design backgrounds. Their diverse backgrounds help the to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In 2011, Audi partnered up with Renovo to create The Duo, a collection of three models of hardwood bicycles.


This Thonet wooden bike is $70,000.

Another person with his eye on creating wooden masterpieces that pair artistry with modern technology is designer Andy Martin. He teamed up with design firm Thonet and adapted old techniques with modern flair. The collaboration of designer and design firm presented the steam-bent wood bicycle with carbon fiber wheels in 2012. While the design is clean and pleasing to the eye, this bike comes with the hefty price tag of $70,000, so it’s not available to the average Joe.


With same ease that you make a sandwich, you can build a sandwichbike.

For those of you with a smaller budget than $70,000 (Sorry Thonet!), you might want to consider building your own wooden bike. Introducing the Sandwichbike, a wooden marvel inspired by the concept of flat packing and home assembly. The Sandwichbike is constructed from two wooden plates. The contemporary design, the large surface of the frame and the absence of welding joints makes the frame visually attractive and easy to assemble. In fact, you can put together one of these bad boys in your home using only a few basic tools. You can place your order today and your bike will be delivered in a flat cardboard box for only about $1090.


Boo Bicycles are make out of wood and carbon fiber.

Or if you prefer a bike with a more streamlined look, consider getting one from Colorado-based Boo Bicycles, who manufactures handmade, racing-level Bikes made out of bamboo, hence why they are called, “Boos”. Founded in 2009 by mechanical engineer Nick Frey and industrial designer James Wolf, Boo Bicycles builds each bamboo-carbon bike frame by hand. Every frame is custom made to order to the specifications of each client.

So while there might be less-expensive options out there, wooden, hand-crafted bikes have more staying power than their cheaper cousins made out of inexpensive materials. Our advice? Do your research and find the brand that fits your budget and makes you feel like a boss on the road. Happy hunting!





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