If yours is one of those kids that can’t sit still for stories, then perhaps the solution may be to allow your child to make the story up themselves. That seems to be the logic behind Infiniscroll, a new app from Curious Hat which allows kids to create an endlessly scrolling story that changes based on their choices.

In a way, this inventive picture book app sort of functions like one of those choose-you-own-adventure books that were popular amongst pre-tablet era children, in which the choices that are made takes the reader of the story to a new place in the plot, but since the there are no words to the pictures, the various panels function more as a storyboard for inventive storytelling. Furthermore, with the availability of technology, the makers of Infiniscroll have produced something much more interactive than your old copy of Goosebumps could ever be by allowing readers to record their own voices as those of the various character drawn for the book by artist Francesco Chiacchio.

Watch the adorable video on Curious Hat’s website and read more on this adorable little app tailor made for little hands.

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