With Kloof, Your Pet Can Become a Social Media Celebrity


In a mere 3 years since its launch, Instagram has become one of the most prominent platforms for social networking, recently surpassing both Facebook and Twitter in popularity amongst teens.

Now, drawing upon the platform’s popularity and humanity’s love of animals, creative director Jane Chung along with Alejandro Russo and Mario Encina have founded a new social sharing platform aimed at one of Instagram’s biggest audience: pet lovers.

Kloof, the new app created by the trio, allows users to share photos similarly to how they would on Instagram, but with a singular focus on our furry friends and the happiness they bring to both their owners and their followers. The app’s growing fan-base is a testament to our love of animals and the silly things they do.

“The beauty of this is that any pet has a chance to be famous and social media allows us to venture into pet democracy for pet parents who don’t have time to celebrify their pets,” Encina says, referring to pet celebrities such as Grumpy Cat and Boo. Chung adds, “It works for the audience too. At the end of the day, when you’re tired, you don’t want to read another news headline. You’d rather see something lighter, like cute pet photos.”

In just a few months since its launch, the app has a global reach of over 127 countries and, perhaps most impressively, is outperforming almost all other social networking apps in engagement, coming in at over 10% vs. the median 2% for companies.

Their Facebook page has hit over 1 million likes and in the seven months since its beta launch, the app has been redesigned to include some fan-suggested features such as a voting system, which gives every pet an opportunity to be ‘celebrified’, a top 10 list that features the best pet photos as voted by the audience, and a unique sharing system where neither followers nor an established fan-base are needed since published photos are instantly added to a master feed that every member sees. In essence, the voting aspect of the app operates like a hybrid of Instragram and Hot or Not, but without the creepy stalkers and cringe-worthy comments.

Kloof is free and available to download for both Android and IOS devices. Pet parents and non-pet owners can post as many images as they want of man’s best friends and have a chance to vote everyday for their favorite photo. The winning photo of the pet is shown to the 1 million+ audience, giving your pooch or kitty his/her very much deserved moment in the spotlight.

Learn more about the app on their website and download the app for free from either the App Store or the Google Play Store.




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