Why Your Small Business Can Benefit from Presentation Folders

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In this day of email and SMS, many business transactions take place in the virtual realm. However, despite the fact that negotiations and conversations are carried out online, most contracts are still finalized on paper. These moments, and others where there is a physical exchange of documents from one party to another, are missed marketing opportunities for companies that aren’t using presentation folders. They can be equally useful in-house, where customized folders can help employees and projects stay organized, thereby increasing efficiency.

Overall, presentation folders provide many benefits to your company, despite the fact that they are often overlooked at the initial start-up phase as an extra expense. Below, we’ve highlighted the three major benefits of using presentation folders, to highlight just why these useful tools should be included in your marketing budget.

1. They Provide Legitimacy to Your Company.
Presentation folders help provide legitimacy to your company, showing your customers that your company takes pride in the work that they do for their clients. They also elevate your brand to a higher status. Customers are more likely to consider information presented to them in a nicely put together folder than they would documents that are handed to them in a stapled stack. They look better, and looks are important in the business world. Using presentation folders shows clients that your small business is willing to invest in itself, and therefore more likely to be willing to invest in your clients’ satisfaction, which is something they will remember the next time they are looking for your services.

2. They Provide Ease of Reference
Handing your clients a quote or estimate? A presentation folder can neatly compile that information – in what can in essence be a large business card for your company. Including your firm’s contact information printed on the inside flap or tucking a sales representative’s business card into the pre-cut slits of a presentation folder provides your clients with the means to reach you with any questions or concerns, or to accept your quote. Rather than having to flip through various pages for contact information, make it easy for your potential customers to get in touch with you. It will also provide them with a place to store the documentation with reference for future use, which can help secure repeat business from customers who would otherwise re-start their search the next time they needed a service your company provides.

3. They Help Establish Your Brand
Large corporations and legal firms know one thing for sure, the way your firm provides customers with documents — whether it be a quote, a report, a contract, or information — is just as important as the quality of the service they receive. Because presentation folders can be customized, you can use them as an opportunity to help further establish your brand among your clientele. Using presentation folders takes you a step above your competitors, and allows your customers to bring your brand home with them. They will see your imagery, logo, and company profile every time they review your estimate or reconsider your proposal. To that end, Presentation Folders are excellent opportunity to further market your branding to your potential clients.

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