Why Your Business Should Be Considering Vinyl Banners


Despite the increasing importance of online advertising and social media marketing, banners remain an effective marketing tool. For starters, banners can be used for a range of purposes, finding their place in everything from conventions to street displays to party decor. With proper placement and good design, banners can increase brand recognition and value, announce new products and advertise promotions in a visible way.

Vinyl banners are made of two products—polyester mesh (scrim) and vinyl. The polyester mesh provides added strength. Scrim banners are typically reserved for outdoor uses, where the banner will need to withstand heavy rain, wind, and other elements. These banners, commonly used in truck advertising and long term roadside ads, are typically thicker, and most often coated or laminated to better withstand water and light from prolonged exposure.

However, for typical indoor and outdoor uses, a 13oz heavy duty vinyl is ideal, and can withstand the elements. Vinyl banners are significantly cheaper to produce than traditional advertisements, and can be used over and over again to generate excitement and high visibility for your business or event.

When looking for vinyl banners, be sure to find photo quality printing and verify that grommets are included in your banner so that it is easier to hang. Often, banners come in a variety of sizes that can be suited to many uses, and require little more than high resolution artwork to produce.




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