Who Says Landscape Photography Has To Be All Natural?


Say this to yourself – landscape photography. What do you think of when you do this? If you’re like most people, the images conjured are those of pristine, untouched, green expanses, clear blue skies, craggy mountains and uninhabited, sand-swept beaches. One photographer however, sees pulchritude in the combination of leaves, water, stone and steel and has created a series of photographs that focus on the way we humans have changed our landscape and captures this often overlooked beauty with remarkable clarity. Erosion control barriers, water catchments, dams, roads and bridges are all worthy subjects for Toshio Shibita, who’s work is well known in his native Japan, and is now on display for our viewing pleasure in the States for the first time at the Peabody Essex Museum. If you’re interested in viewing his work but can’t make it to the Salem, Massachusetts area, here is an article displaying some of the work that will be displayed at the exhibition.




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