When Your Parents Get Old, You Get Lively


Few things are worse than aging. Really. Except maybe watching your parents get old. Getting old is one of those inevitable facts of life that everyone sort of hopes they’ll eventually get to, but no one really wants to get to. When you do, the transition from independent living to needing assistance to complete even the most basic of tasks can be a hard one not only for the person going through the transition, but for family members and loved ones.

Enter technology to make things a little bit easier. A new device called Lively, recently introduced to the market, allows the elderly to retain some of their independence, by allowing their family to remotely monitor their activities. The device uses sensors that are placed on various objects around the senior’s house to monitor everyday activity. The sensors are easy to install and can be placed on objects like the fridge, front door, TV, pill boxes, keys and more. Lively even allows for monitoring of custom moveable objects that are part of the daily routine patterns of older adults like a favorite chair, bathroom door or outside patio. The device relays activity to the main hub via a built-in cellular connection, so users don’t even need to have an Internet at home, and then reports the information via email to connected users.

There’s also an app that provides daily activity and allows you to share activity and patterns with other loved ones. Lively costs $149 and comes with two months of free service, which is significantly less expensive than keeping a live-in parent sitter.




Category: Technology