Watch All of Rio’s Intricacy and Beauty In Fast Forward With This Incredible Time Lapse Video


Whether it’s a shot of sweeping skylines and cityscapes quickly turning from dawn to dusk or one portraying a bustling metropolis with all it’s denizens quickly marching towards their desired locations, time lapse videography is always pretty cool and interesting to look at. This statement holds even more true when the subject of the time lapse piece is an area as bountifully beautiful as Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. Found here is an excellent time lapse by Joe Capra using a couple Canon 5D’s and a PhaseOne IQ180 accurately and unapologetically showing the beautifully untouched natural landscapes, inviting beaches (as well as the not-so-attractive yet remarkably arranged slums and favelas) and sprawling cityscapes found in Rio that make it such a remarkably gorgeous place.




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