It’s been 22 years since Walt Mossberg penned his first-ever entry for the Wall Street Journals’ s technology news website, AllThingsD. It was on the personal computer and the tech world was but an emerging consumer industry. Since then, Mossberg has spent the last two decades reviewing consumer electronic devices; devices which many modern Americans can now barely imagine their lives without.

After all his time, Mossberg has composed his last entry for the Wall Street Journal in which he has compiled the 12 most influential gadgets he has seen over the course of his stay with the paper. The list, which includes obvious choices such as Google, Facebook and Windows 95, also lumps in some less expected mentions such as the Palm Pilot, Apple’s failed Newton Message Pad and Netscape Navigator.

While Mossberg says he will continue to write, it is unclear where he will be taking his now iconic voice. You can read the entire list of influential gadgets in the Wall Street Journal.

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