Wall Art that Charges Your Iphone

With the number of electronics we use daily consistently increasing, it’s no wonder we are constantly untangling the cables of our stuff. From cell phones to laptops, while electronics provide innumerable conveniences that span the range of duties from shopping to working, there comes a point when your tech needs more juice. Yet, despite being the most common features of all our electronics, charging remains one of the most lackluster things that your toys do. That’s because, for the most part, charging remains the only technological need that hasn’t evolved.

The market introduction of conductive charging stations has recently changed that and brought the act of charging electronic gadgets up to par with their capabilities, omitting the need for cables to transfer power from a source.

Yet, we have done little in terms of improving the aesthetic of our charging stations.

In a brilliant move that combines convenience with aesthetic, interactive designer Alice Robbiani has created the Spira, a sculptural charger that turns an iPhone into a magnetic objet d’art. The charging station, rather than living out its life unnoticed on your nightstand, is striking enough, and useful enough, to be placed front and center on a wall in your living space.

The Spira acts partially as a charging station, and partially as a clock. Created as part of a product for the University of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (more commonly known as ÉCAL), the Spira doesn’t solve some of induction charging’s greater issues; namely, slow, time consuming charging and the inability to make use of your device during charge-up; but it does find a way to work around these problems by giving the iPhone a purpose to serve while it remains affixed to the charging station via a magnetic case beautifully designed with vintage accents that at first glance could be mistaken for an old school turn table, albeit without an arm.

With the Spira, while your iPhone charges, a special thermo-chromatic ink in the base station transitions from a solid jet black into a round, fractal pattern, that fills in as it charges. The changing ink allows you to see at a glance how much battery life your iPhone has soaked up from the charging station so far while making an impressive, reactive wall display. Even more useful, by twisting the handset sideways while it’s  attached to the base, a pair of ticking hands take over the display, interacting with the glowing face of the base station to become a beautiful, wall-mounted clock. When charged and removed, the ink slowly returns to its resting state, and disappears from the surface altogether until the next time you attach your phone.

While the Spiro is only a prototype at the moment, the device provides a positive outlook at the way we could eventually interact with our devices. It easily proposes a future where software, technology, and interior design aren’t just integrated, but intertwined into the very functions we depend on daily, adding to them in a way that blurs the line between art and function.





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