Video of a Man Walking Backwards Through Tokyo Played in Reverse

Talk about meta—this awesome video of a man walking through crowds of backwards-walking people is actually much more bizarre than that.

That’s because the man in the video, Ludovic Zuili, is actually the only one walking backwards, but the video is being played in reserve.

The video is just a short clip from an incredibly long, 9-hour film called Tokyo Reverse that was originally aired in France. The concept is called Slow TV and has already been hailed as a “small revolution” for French viewers, becoming more popular than traditional reality television.

According to BBC, who stated “Slow TV is a genre of marathon programming in which an ordinary event is filmed, often live, in its entirety. In Norway, more than half the country tuned in to watch a six-day ferry journey through the fjords. A burning log fire and knitting were previous Slow TV subjects.”

Could Slow TV be the future of reality TV in the US? We will know soon enough.





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