If you’re in need of a proper CMS and eCommerce solution, you need not look further than Verb. This is by far the most robust and easy use platform on the web. Give it a try. I guarantee it will make your life easier. Here’s a few key features:

CMS for Web Developers:
Verb fits into your design — not the other way around.

Rather than providing templates or modules, Verb lets you build websites your way and then layer the content management on top of your design. Use VerbML or PHP to seamlessly integrate content into your pages.

Built for developers, agencies, and freelancers.
Verb is for people who earn a living from building websites. We build close personal relationships with designers that use Verb and think of them as partners. Fully white label solutions are available. If you’re not a designer and want to use Verb, you should contact one of our Designer Partners. More

Powerful tools optimized for experts.
Verb is for HTML ninjas who dream in Javascript and PHP. We don’t have wizards or templates, because real designers design everything from scratch. Verb offers a full PHP API and is extremely customizable.

SEO-friendly, fully compliant with Web Standards
Verb makes it easy to follow best-practices for the web. Verb automatically genearates SEO-friendly permalinks and fully supports AJAX and Flash.

eCommerce for Developers:
Finally, an eCommerce CMS that puts design first!

Our shopping cart system leverages VerbML to enable designers to make stores look exactly how they want, without hacking through template code. Customers stay on your site (with your design) the entire time.

Full-featured shopping cart included.
Verb interfaces directly with your client’s merchant gateway. Shipping quotes are retrieved instantly from FedEx, USPS, or UPS. Tax rates, discount codes, currency conversion, and 3rd party fulfillment are supported too.

Hosted solution ensures you’re up-to-date.
Because Verb is a hosted solution, we react to world events (postal rate changes, API changes, country code changes) and you never have to worry about maintaining older accounts.

Full Reporting Suite helps your clients maximize profit.
Graphs show sales over time. Breakdown reports differentiate by product, customer, and time period. Your clients can filter, sort, slice, and dice to figure out how your sales stack up.

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