Unusual Stock: Moving Past the Paper Business Card

While the paper business card serves its purpose as an effective and highly customizable form of self marketing and identification, sometimes you need something with a little bit impression power to leave your mark on that big fish you are trying to land. With some creative ingenuity, you can find a card that will not only help you stand out completely, but also serves as an indicator of your quality of work. With today’s technologies and options, there is very little that can’t be printed on or etched into, so why not take advantage and use the tech to give an extra edge in the game.

Here are 4 examples of business cards on unusual stock, cards that are sometimes not made of paper, cards that can double as some practical tool to make your life easier and some that are just too damn cool not to take notice of.

1. The Record Card

For those in the music industry, this card is perfect. Not only does the thick vinyl of a record make it stand out in a stack of paper cards, the nostalgic feel of the grooves also makes repurposed use of material that would otherwise be thrown into a dumpster. The use of the laser printer to etch in the information adds another physical aspect to the card that helps it stand out and remain memorable.

2. The Metal Card

photo via wired.com

photo via wired.com

Locksmith, auto repair shop, or CEO, the metal card is so cool that it could work for just about anyone that wants to show that they have an appreciation for the industrial, but to really stand out, the best thing that you can do with a metal card is let it serve a purpose. In an ironic twist, for example, this card for a security company, for example, allows the holder to pop out the pieces of a lock picking kit, ensuring that whoever holds it will not only hold onto to it, but would most likely also show it around to others.

3. The Wooden Card

Photo via doublemash.com

Photo via doublemash.com

Like the record card, the wooden card gives the holder something textural and physical to touch and remember. The wooden card, however, doesnt necessarily have to be a thick card, which would otherwise limit the number of cards you could carry at once. A thin cut wooden card, with a delicately and carefully cut out shape also provides a memorable visual impact but can still be stacked for transport.

4. The Plastic Card

Its increasing popularity of the plastic business card isn’t surprising, its slick clear appearance can be infinitely customizable to become just about anything your business is trying to promote. Photographers can make their cards look like viewfinders, Djs can make theirs look like cassettes, finance consultants can make theirs look like business cards, the options are limitless. What matters with the plastic business card is ingenuity. A clear card needs an eye catching and memorable design to set it apart from the rest and showcase your unique vision.




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