In an age where almost all informative and leisurely absorption is done with phones, tablets, televisions and computers, the printed page has been taking a back seat in terms of how we have received our info in recent years passed. These glowing, backlit screens are becoming the overwhelmingly preferred choice, so where does this leave printed material?  UC Quarterly, a printed repackaging of the best known designs from the Under Consideration blog network is doing what it can to remind us of what we’re missing beyond the 600 pixel presentation we’re getting more and more accustomed to. The 48 page first edition showcases designs seen on-screen but now, printed and tangible. Of course, you can already view these works for free on the sites from which they hail but there’s just something about seeing them on-screen that doesn’t quite compare with actually holding them in your hands. A quality for which there exists no word to accurately describe. Colors become more vibrant, images are bigger and the overall appearance of the content displayed is bolder than it’s electronic counterpart. Some might even say this is arguably the way these creations are meant to be seen. Armin Vit, the founder and editor of the Under Consideration blogs says “There was nothing more gratifying during the layout of the project than taking an image and blowing it up 200% or 300% from its original size, or showing something as a full-bleed spread. There is something about a full-bleed spread that a website will never, ever capture.” Read more about the UC Quarterly here.

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