For all those moments in your life when your desire to draw the perfect circle is overpowered by your lack of the necessary instruments to do so, when there were no cans or cups or bottles of white out or glue sticks for you to trace, Jeong Hwan Ba and the makers of the two points pen are now here for you.

The pen combines the three tools necessary in the construction of any 360 degree 2-dimensional geometric shape– a pen, a ruler and a compass — into one single, beautifully designed drawing instrument. Never again will you feel the pain of imperfect circles or have to hold back on your urge to make on-the-go pie charts.

Unfortunately, however, this multi-functional writing utensil is still only just a concept, but we can all hope to one day see it lining the shelves of our local Office Depot. In the meantime, may we propose an alternative?




via Yanko Design

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