Because we aren’t bombarded with enough notifications in our lives, a company called SuperMechanical wants to give us some more. The makers of Twine, a small, green 2.8-inch box, have designed this tool to allow users to receive notifications and keep them in touch with their homes, even when they are nowhere near them. Twine uses small sensors to detect environmental conditions and alert users when it detects changes in temperature, moisture and vibration. In short, it can detect if your back door is suddenly opened, if your mail  arrived, if your laundry is finished and if your basement is flooding.

At around $160 it’s not exactly breaking the bank, but it’s also not lingering in the “buy me for the heck of it” category. It is, however, considerably cheaper than a home-monitoring system, especially if your concern is just a single issue. The hardware has seen tremendous growth since its inception last year, including the release of the Cloud Shield which works easily with an Arduino to connect directly to Twine.

Find out more about Twine on the Supermechanical website and their blog, or read the review featured recently on The Verge.

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