Turning a House Into A School With a New Roof

mad architects
MAD sometimes referred to as MAD studio or MAD architects is an architectural studio that designs impressive, futuristic architecture based on contemporary interpretation of the eastern spirit of nature. Well known for their bold designs, the company has recently taken on the design of a kindergarten as their first project Japan, and it isn’t toning its style down.

The Clover House, in Okazaki, Japan, recently broke ground, and MAD’s intent is to transform a quaint,post-war two-story suburban house into a whimsical, state of the art three-story school. The project came about because the owner of a local kindergarten wanted to expand his school. However, faced with space constraints, he decided to transform his own family home into a fully developed educational institution.

Not afraid of setting lofty goals, MAD studios has opted to build the new building on top of the old home’s existing skeleton. Using concrete shingles and a curved roof design that cover the entire home and adds to the existing structure, the resulting building will be decidedly different than the homes that surround it. During the day, the school will welcome students, who will be able to exit the school through a slide descending from the second story and climb around the existing interior structure, while at night, the Clover House will serve as the private residence of the school’s owner.

The overall construction project has been no easy feat for MAD architects, who have had to overcome both financial and design burdens to create their final vision. Read more about it here.









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