Treat Printed Material Like Virtual Material With This Device


A company named Fujitsu Laboratories is currently developing a system that enables it’s user to interact with ordinary paper the way you would while operating a touchscreen device. Along with flat surfaces such as loose sheets of paper, this apparatus is even calibrated to scan the curvature of books and magazines. Combined with existing gesture technology, it can also be used in situations where no touch is involved, allowing real-time manipulation of 3D data. Of course as with any touchscreen interface, precision is paramount and this brilliant contraption achieves this feat by utilizing cameras and 3D image processors that are so finely tuned, it can calculate your finger’s position down to within one measly pixel. Furthermore, the gadget’s accuracy is expanded on with the use of technology for controlling ambient light. This means it can distinguish individual differences in hand color thus being able to identify fingertips and with this, negates any unwanted environmental differences. In other words, it does what you want it to without it picking up stray, unintended gestures. Reminiscent of Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) gesture tech, this concept looks awesome. Watch a demo of it in action and read more about Fujitsu’s touchscreen interface here.







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