There are some things that are ubiquitous with the decade in which they existed, and the 90s seem to be full of those instances. Looking to the future, the 90s took the playful fashions of the 80s over the top. Like many decades before it, children played an important role in the creation of the decade’s cultures, and as a result, Lisa Frank, Tamagotchi, and Furby all rose to popularity beyond comprehension, reaching a cult status that remains 20 years later.

Among the many lingering treasures of the decade is the Trapper Keeper. The padded folder became a mainstay of every school kid’s supply list as the sound of ripping velcro could be heard in classrooms across the country. They were available in an endless selection of colors, featuring everyone’s favorite character and catering to every possible taste.

Now, Mead, the company behind the Trapper Keeper, in a partnership with case maker Kesington, announced that it will be bringing the old favorite back, but to serve a different purpose. Seeing the protective potential of the padded sleeves, Mead and Kensington are redesigning the trapper keeper to serve as a protective sleeve for tablets. The evolution seems almost predictable, as the size and folding cover of the Trapper Keeper seem perfectly suited to store within them a tablet.

The relaunched Trapper Keeper tablet sleeves will be available in two sizes; 10-inch and 7-inch to accommodate almost every popular tablet currently on the market. Taking advantage of the folding design, the cases also feature a built in stand, so you can re-watch all the original Trapper Keeper commercials, which Kensington has conveniently posted to their Youtube in commemoration of the launch.

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