Top 5 Halloween Group Costumes

j depp

Virtually everyone agrees that the best part of Halloween is not the holiday itself, but the choosing and/or creating of your costume beforehand. And all that fun is only magnified if you have a great group of accomplices to create with! This is our list of the top five group costumes, based on creativity, design and execution.

5. Troll dolls


Who would have thought those ugly little trolls would make such adorable costumes? It doesn’t look like it was that hard to pull off, but the girls looked polished and uniformed. Via BuzzFeed.

4. Taco Bell Sauces


This group’s costume was very clever and definitely deserves an LOL. They get an extra point for thinking outside the bun. Via Uproxx.

3. Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)


This concept is not that uncommon but this particular group executed it from head-to-toe. They saw it through all the way with great makeup and appropriate outfits. Via Refinery29.

2. Johnny Depp

j depp

This group decided to embody the artist that made a career out of playing characters in costume. Genius. And each girl was very methodical in putting their outfit together, which lands them at the No.2 spot. Via Reddit.

1. Trophies


Our winning team gets the gold (sorry) for being the most creative, best design, and having the best execution. Go team! Via Mashable.




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