With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to stop and think about everything dad has done for you. Whether teaching you to ride your bike, or imparting life lessons that you will always carry with you, a dad’s job is a tough one. That’s why when it comes to commercials and advertising, we are often touched by the ads that portray dad as a hero and tug at our sentimental heartstrings.  Check out these five commercials that remind us why dad is the best guy around.

What’s better than a dad giving his son a hug after he wins the big game? Watching how dad helped him train and practice to achieve that goal. Check out this touching commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods about how one dad helped his son become a winner. Teary-eyed, yet? Yeah, us, too.

You can always count on Publix Supermarket to create an ad that makes you want to cry a little and call someone up and tell them how much you love them. They deliver with this commercial that reminds us that the gifts that count aren’t always bought. What kid didn’t give their parents a “coupon” book promising chores completed and hugs and kisses to the bearer? The real magic is that this dad keeps it for years and years, upping the sentimental ante to code red. Right about now you are thinking of calling your dad. We will wait.

Sears hits home with this ad about dads being the real superheros for their kids. A barrage of imagery showing all of the super skills that dad’s possess followed by the tag line, “My dad’s not a superhero, but he’s super cause he’s my dad, ” will make your eyes well up. Dad’s not a superhero, but he’s IS super cause he is your dad and that hits home every time.

Kids are notorious for waking their folks up in the middle of the night, but Oreo knows exactly how to make that regular occurrence into a special one. They make milk and cookies at bedtime extra-special by having this father/son moment reflect not only the tradition of eating Oreo’s just like dad does, but also by having this son make his dad wait until midnight to eat his treat so they can celebrate Father’s Day. It’s the little things that count and this commercial reminds us that the little things will make you choke up a little. Go on and cry, we aren’t judging you.

Every father cringes at the thought of his little girl growing up and going out into the world, but Subaru takes every dad’s nightmare from Oh, No! to Awwww! by portraying that rite of passage with learning how to drive. Here we see a daughter through her father’s eyes and the Awwww! factor gets turned up a notch when we see that although his daughter is 16, to this dad, she will always be his little princess. A great play on touting their automobiles’ safety and reliability, this ad packs quite a punch and we are sure that Subaru reaped the benefits by selling many a vehicle to a first-time driver.


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