The beauty of the Internet is how easily it facilitates the exchange of ideas and knowledge. The latest trend is the sharing of life hacks, tricks or shortcuts that increase your productivity and efficiency. In today’s hectic world, who couldn’t use a little help to make life easier?

These hacks were pulled from a post by BuzzFeed and are meant to save you some time, energy, and money. You can find the full post here. Below you’ll find some of our favorites.


1) Keep your pizza crust from turning chewy.

life hacks 9


2) Cut cold cuts to cover the edges of your sandwich.

life hacks 2


3) Shred frozen butter with a cheese grater.

life hacks 4  


4) Bacon pancakes. Genius. 

life hacks 7


5) Easy-to-peel hard boiled eggs.

 life hacks 14


6) You can always know if your coffee is fresh with just two spare cups.

life hacks 18


7) Make sure your food warms up evenly.

life hacks 6


8) Get bacon in every bite of your BLT.

life hacks 1


9) Never lose your Oreos in your milk again.

life hacks 8


10) Keep your pasta fresh.

life hacks 12

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