Göran Strand

There are a few basic rules that you learn early on, possibly even before you know what rules even are, or that you’re meant to follow them. You learn not to  run with scissors, not to swim right after you eat, and definitely not to ever stare at the sun. Despite the warnings, however, staring at the sun has always fascinated us, and whether it is the subject of strange science fiction movies, or used delicately in art, it doesn’t often get the attention it deserves.

That is, until Swedish astro-photographer Göran Strand turned his sights to the sky. After plotting his shot for an entire year in order to perfectly capture the sunset behind a picturesque swedish landscape, Strand captured a sunset in beautiful detail using a solar telescope and a steady hand. The shot is so clear, in fact, that you can even make out “sunspots and big filaments” within the golden orb.

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