Tile-LargeWe have all experienced that familiar distressing situation before. That frustrating moment when you’re on your way out the door (usually with some sense of urgency) and you have somehow, some way, misplaced those all-important, tiny pieces of shaped metal that give us access to our homes, cars and anything else that might hold some degree of private, individual importance – our keys! Well, if you own an iPhone, you can kiss those days of hastily checking microwaves, refrigerators and pant pockets goodbye because a neat little device named Tile is on it’s way. Available this coming winter for about 25 bucks (or 19 bucks if you pre-order), the tiny adhesive square roughly the size of a postage stamp, that when coupled with it’s free app, will be available and will be able to locate anything it’s attached to. Be it your keys, your wallet, purse, laptop or even your bike, Tile will be able to find it using low-energy bluetooth 4.0 tech as a mini-GPS if it’s within 150 feet. As seen in the video below, Tile also has the capability to chirp upon command so that whatever it’s attached to can be found by tracking it’s sound. Also, the accompanying app even has a network set up in the unfortunate event that your Tile-clad item gets stolen. When you mark the item as lost or stolen, any other Tile that comes in close proximity to it will discretely notify you and inform you with your item’s current location without the other user knowing. Brilliant. Find out more about how Tile works and what peace of mind it may offer to you in an article found here.

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