Photo by Kalie Garret

Photo by Kalie Garret

Some people will spend countless hours honing their craft. The blood, sweat and tears shed in the process a testament to the progress that they have made. Others, however, seem to have been born with the natural talent needed to produce stunning and moving photographs regardless of their age, skill level, or budget.

Below are five photographers, each of whom excels at their craft, showing incredible insight and attention to detail that draws from their youth, ambitions, and fears. These photographers are capable of taking the trials and nuances of being a teen and turning them into moving photographs that bring the audience into their world. They are works of art regardless of age.

Rosie Hardy – 22 years old

Hardy began photographing at the tender age of 15. Posing throughout her home and neighborhood and then editing her work to create a bizarre universe of hands and weathered textures. Hardy’s claim to fame came when she was 19 years old, and management for Maroon 5 asked the young artist for permission to use the concept of one of her photographs for the cover of an at-the-time upcoming release.

Rather than just blindly give permission for a recreation, Hardy took it upon herself to shoot what she felt the group wanted, shooting herself on her parents’ bed and sending her edited photograph back to the band, who ended up using it exactly as it was. It was then that Hardy decided to make photography her career, and she has since continued to grow her talent, evidenced by the amazing work she showcases on her flickr page and website.

Kalie Garret – 19 Years old
Kalie Garrett copy

Kalie Garret’s photography is both vulnerable and emotional. The young photographer, who has claimed that her photos are created as a way to learn to love herself, takes some of the most emotional self-portraits that we’ve ever seen. Fans of her work confess to getting “lost in the emotions of her photos”, a quality that is “unlike any other photographer out there”, commend her use of herself and her keen eye for detail. The photographer, however, is also incredibly talented at using her equipment, using light and distance to frame her honest depictions of herself.

Garret’s images portray the complex mix emotion that is constantly present during teenage years, but she exhibits these feelings with the skill of an artist tenured well beyond her years. Her images can be seen on her flickr page, and a select number were also recently featured on an article on My Modern Metropolis. Lately, she also begun to experiment with film.

Zev aka FiddleOak – 14 Years old
Zev’s surrealist self portrait photography may not have been possible if the artist had started at an older an age. The imagination and creativity of youth seems to be what drives his images, which are edited together using Photoshop.

The young photographer shoots with his family, most notably his sister, to create the whimsical photographs that the internet has fallen in love with. Zev is even kind enough to share behind the scenes information on how he puts his images together on his blog, giving his audience a rare peek at his creative process. More of his work can be found on his flickr page.

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