Two weeks into the new year, we find ourselves face to face with the inevitable resolutions we made to ourselves; lose x amount of weight, quit smoking, save x amount of money, or whatever other goal you may have made for yourself. One goal, however, should be on everyone’s list of changes to make for the new year: recycle more, use less.

The issue of human impact on the environment is not something new. Humans create a lot of waste in their daily lives and for years, crafters and creatives have been creating different ways of reducing the damage we are causing to the planet by bringing intelligent ideas about recycling and reusing that waste in useful and beneficial ways. Recycling, repurposing, and reusing are all but a way of way of life for some eco-conscious people, so we scoured the internet to bring you a list of ways to creatively reuse some of the objects you may be discarding as part of daily life.

1. Old Plastic Bottles

Plastics in general are human’s worst influence on the environment. Plastics don’t biodegrade, can’t be digested by animals, and overall have no place in the natural world. Plastic bottles in specific are one of the biggest culprits of our negative impact on the earth, yet humans continue to throw away over 28 billion tons of plastic bottles and jars in one year. While many have made the switch to refillable bottles, many american homes and offices still stock individual water bottles for the convenience they offer, and almost all keep lotion bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, etc. and as a result end up with more than just a few empties to discard come trash day. Instead, here are some suggestions of ways to use some of those bottles.

-Turn it into a nifty cell phone holder – tutorial
-Use several to create an organization center – tutorial
-Turn it into a bird feeder – Tutorial
-Use it to turn your hose into a garden sprinkler – Tutorial

2. Empty Wine Bottles

After many a special occasion, and especially post-holidays, you can find yourself with a house riddled with empty wine bottles. But wine bottles are often made out of tinted heavy glass, which lends itself easily to a number of re-uses, especially if you teach yourself this easy at-home method of cutting glass bottles. Armed with this new knowledge, instead of tossing all your empties this year, why not use them for home decoration or small gifts?

-Make an self-watering planter – tutorial
-Use it a plant waterer – tutorial
-Turn them into cups – tutorial

Bonus: Here’s an even better glass cutting method, but it requires the purchase of a special glass cutter. It’s worth it if you find yourself doing this often.

3. Empty Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is probably one of the most easily re-usable products ever made by man. But in reality, any kind of paper box can be re-used to store, organize and file a myriad of household items from papers to magazines to drawer clutter. Here are some easy ways to reuse your old boxes, from cereal to cardboard.

-Turn them into drawer organizers – tutorial
-Turn them into postcards – tutorial
-Use them as ribbon dispensers – tutorial

4. Everything else

Bottles and boxes are not the only things we throw away. Egg cartons, magazines, and even washing machine drums will eventually to find their way into the trash rather quickly. Reusing these items is not only often easy, but can also help reduce our impact on the environment drastically. The internet is full of tutorials on how to reuse common items, so next time you find yourself ready to throw something away, try to find another use for it instead. Make that your resolution for this year: to reuse as much as possible.

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