The use of greenscreen technology in cinema is somewhat of a standard as of late. For decades, these blank, green (sometimes blue) canvases have been magically completing sets and grounding scenes with fantastical locations that would otherwise be impossible to create. You would be amazed to know however, that these incredible backgrounds and landscapes that so convincingly set the stages for our modern movies are not limited to the sci-fi, apocalyptic and superhero epics we’ve come to expect this from. With the emergence of the increasingly sophisticated technology and talent used lately to create incredibly detailed still-images that you would swear were real, comes a similarly convincing focus on realism used for small-screen productions that are so accurately realistic and mind-blowing that I’d bet you didn’t even notice they were there to begin with. For example, check out Stargate Studios‘ virtual backlot reel below. Be sure to lay down some newspaper or old clothing you don’t care about prior to viewing, lest your projected brain matter make too much of a mess in the process.

Done cleaning up yet? No? Okay, we’ll wait. Now? Good. Pretty shocking, isn’t it? If you’re like most (myself included), you already knew this optical trickery was already in use but had absolutely no idea it was so prevalent. It’s going to be a pretty exciting time in a few years when this kind of tech becomes more and more refined to the point where we truly won’t be able to tell the difference between the real, and the illusionary. The use of special effects in cinema is definitely one area where suspension of belief is paramount, and I’d say this is a welcome contribution to the task, effectively removing all limitations short of our own imaginations.

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