Ever considered whether or not you could survive a day without your beloved cellphone? The answer for most people is no. But who can blame them? The cellular phone is one of those commodities that was once considered a luxury but information and connectivity becoming such an integral part of our lives has transformed it into a necessity. Our phones are our link with everything and everyone around us and comparable to say, an article of clothing, can make you feel almost naked without it. Then, there are times in our day to day routine that calls, messages and updates pass by unnoticed ( sometimes on purpose because we can get kinda busy sometimes ) and don’t get back to these missed contacts until later when we realize they have been received. Paul Hornikx and Rudy Beijnen, two inventors out of Seattle, Washington want to enhance that interactive experience and make sure you’re always informed of these messages without having to use your phone by introducing a product they call Embrace+. What this is, is a bracelet that connects to your Android or iOS powered phone to alert you of messages, reminders, phone calls and all your social media apps. You set the desired color for each alert, then whenever you receive a text or phone call your bracelet will light up with the corresponding color to notify you of your alert without making you ‘that guy’ who is always checking his phone. Embrace+ is not yet out for purchase but is definitely getting the much needed support for the product to launch soon. To read more about the Embrace+ and even support the project you can visit kickstart.

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