Remember how fun treehouses were? There was something magical about being up in one of those above-ground hangouts that a high-rise apartment in adulthood just doesn’t achieve. Some might say that it’s just one of those childhood fascinations that erodes over the inexorable process of aging, but this inspiring piece of architecture just might prove otherwise. Designed by Gluck+ Architects, the aptly named Tower House utilizes elements of tower design to create a home that comes very close to replicating this sense of wonder while granting a privileged view of the nearby Catskill mountains in the process. This structure came into being almost by accident as part of a ‘what-if’ proposition during the planning stage of designing a home forĀ Gluck+ principal Thomas Gluck and his family, and what a delightful accident it is. Read more about Gluck’s adult treehouse and all it’s nostalgic splendor here.

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