A Spanish organization named ‘Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation’ (ANAR) has placed an ad using lenticular technology that strategically places images in areas that, when viewed from different heights, conveys a different message at the same time. One image and message is visible from the perspective common with the average height of an adult, while simultaneously displaying a slightly different image along with a message offering help to those of the height common with a ten year old child – under four feet. The ‘adult’ viewing of this ad portrays the pristine face of a boy with the message “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” while the image targeted at children has the same boy’s visage, albeit bruised and bleeding from the lip, with the message “If somebody hurts you, call us and we’ll help you”.  ANAR, a foundation with intentions of providing a way for children to anonymously and confidentially report child abuse, has developed this ad to help kids by being able to convey this helpful message discretely while simultaneously providing a warning for parents. A clever way to achieve this in the situation where an ill-affected child sees this ad while walking with their current or would-be aggressor along with the unfortunately common case of the same child walking with his/her oblivious parent. Check out a short video of this ad and it’s duality here. Source :

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