Flies and mosquitos. In some outdoor areas, especially during certain seasons, these airborne, annoyances can seem to be everywhere at once. Like this time-lapsed video says ” They are many, they are annoying, and like every Spring, they are back.” Orphea4D is a product with one purpose : eradicate the fly and mosquito menace. Orphea has employed the services of Italian ad agency Publicis to create a billboard for the outdoor insecticide and it perfectly illustrates the use of the product. By applying a layer of invisible glue to a select area on the ad, the shape of a jet spray can be seen over time. What creates the time-released illusion, you ask? Bugs. Throngs and ranks of fallen squadrons amassing over 200, 000 dead buggers. So the ad provides great exposure for the product,  literally depicts what Orphea4D does and all the while thins the bloodthirsty brood?  Publicis, we the victims of invertebrate invasions tip our hats and salute you. Source : adverblog.com

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