Time and time again modern architects are ever finding new and exciting ways for their work to further push the envelope in terms of what we as human beings can build and where we can build them. The foundations prospected and used to create our immense infrastructure are no longer limited to the flat terrain most of us have become accustomed to, revealing possibilities we would otherwise deem impossible. British design firm Atkins, the same group who designed the luxurious and colossal Burj Al Arab (fourth largest hotel in the world) in Dubai now has the goal of constructing a hotel underneath and along the face of a 100 meter-deep, water-filled quarry in Shanghai. The 380 room InterContinental Shimao hotel currently in production costs £345-million and will be 19 stories low. Two of these floors will be completely submerged, facilitating an underwater restaurant complete with aquarium walls. As well as several other restaurants, business facilities and a banquet hall, the Shimao will also capitalize on the use of the quarry itself by offering it’s guests the ability to do some water sports on the lake. And here’s where things get interesting, the surrounding cliffs will be made available to thrill seekers wanting to go rock-climbing and bungee jumping. Daring and extreme vacationers will unfortunately have to wait a few years as the Shimao is expected to be completed by 2015, but judging from the pictures, it’s worth the wait.

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