480 square feet. Sounds like a pretty nicely sized room (reasonably speaking), right? Well, that’s the exact size of the working area in a recent design experiment wherein every nook and cranny of those 480 square feet are used to create an entire apartment, complete with separate rooms with various functions and alignments. Currently in development by students at TU Delft in the Netherlands, the properly named  “Pop-Up Interactive Apartment” project addresses a modern statistic – “there is an increasing number of people living in cities due to the world’s growing urbanization” and their goal is to maximize the space available by designing a floor with an intricate rail system that uses folding polypropylene panels to create walls and even furniture (albeit appearing a bit uncomfortable) ensuring none of the 480 square feet of space is squandered. Some questions may arise in the form of where the kitchen and bathrooms are (never mind how filthy those rails would eventually become), but the overall design idea is pretty fun and interesting and surely will improve in time. Found on designboom.com is a short article with concept photos of this marvelous piece of engineering as well as a hypnotizing video showing this concept in action. Check it out here. 

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