movi-01-smallIf you have ever held a camera with intentions of recording video in motion, you would know how quickly you would be introduced to the difficulty of achieving steady, smooth shots. Pulling this off is not by any means impossible but it normally consists of having to implement a myriad of some cumbersome, unwieldy gear. Counterweight, rail and wire systems are customary in cinema to achieve the sweeping shots filmmakers produce, and is a cornerstone of great filmmaking. Freefly, a prevailing company in this field of equipment is trained and aimed at making this aspect of stellar filming less arduous. Allowing the camera to be held and moved around reasonably without constraint,  the MōVI removes limitations that previously would make executing some gliding shots impractical. The digitally stabilizing,  3-axis gyroscope enables the shooter to freely roam and capture moving shots without the use of the aforementioned systems. Read more and watch a video about the MōVI and how it will change the way we film here.

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