Everyone out there still patiently (some not so patiently) waiting for hover boards to come out, here’s something that might quell your interest. Although it’s not something you can float around town on, an incredibly inventive sales catalog floats and hovers in attempts to sell something that you can actually get on, a private jet. Developed for Embraer’s new Lineage 1000 jet, this eye-fetching booklet uses two opposing magnets (One embedded in the catalog itself and the other in it’s separate base below) to create the illusion that the book is flying. This creatively ties in with what it is advertising making for an extremely interesting sales tool and for added effect, the cover of the brochure is designed with a 3-D relief of the Lineage 1000 jet creating something not only fun to look at, but also strokes the imagination conveying the idea of their product in action. Check out a promotional video of this brilliant brochure doin’ it’s thing here.

Source : Gizmodo.com

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