Some people restlessly fear that one day, in the not too distant future, they will inevitably become their parents. If you count yourself among the many out there that feel this way, what you see here might be a tad disconcerting. The clever work created by Scottish photographer Craig Gibson’s in which portraits of both father and son are taken and melded together are truly remarkable. Gibson explains his motivation for the collection to Co.Design saying:

By merging the photographs, I was hoping to create a unique portrait, not of one subject or the other, but of their relationship as a whole,  I wanted to reveal something new about a father and son that was about more than just their physical similarities: for example, their shared stance, their mood, or expression.”

Check out the full fastcodesign article here and if you’re really awestruck by the uncanny similarities found in this collection, you can view all of Craig Gibson’s photography here.

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