The riskiest part of being a lab worker has to be the fact that they are routinely exposed to some nasty, dangerous chemicals. Some of these toxic substances are airborne, undetectable by our five senses and deadly,  creating a comprehensive recipe for ‘injuries’ on the job. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Regensburg have developed a pair of gloves that use a color-changing dye that is activated in the presence of these unnoticeable terrors. Produced as a reasonably inexpensive alternative to pricey electronic detectors, these chameleon’esque mittens can even have different, interchangeable dyes applied to them to detect various toxins. Although a problem exists in where it’s effectiveness of accurately detecting these aggressive substances is worn down by washing them, hopes are high that a more adhering dye will be developed. When that happens, and this method of detection is more refined, the possibility of it being implemented in detecting contaminants in food packing and inspecting gas lines is promising and prevalent.

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