Zaha Hadid, the world renowned and accomplished architect behind the design of the world’s largest building has long been wanting (and trying) to have her presence felt in the Big Apple. It now appears as though she will finally have it. According to her firm’s site, Hadid’s illustrious career has amassed 900 past and active projects in over 40 countries with locations such as Marseilles, Abu Dhabi, Glasgow and Beijing just to name a few. She can now finally add New York to the list with what is being planned for 520 28th Street opposite the High Line (a contract she once coveted but failed to clinch) which makes this undertaking that much sweeter. The modern structure will stand 11 stories tall, housing 37 luxurious units featuring 11 foot tall ceilings complete with tech integration and a few exclusively available private elevators. Lavish amenities planned include an outdoor garden, terraces, a roof space, playrooms, and an indoor pool and spa. Read more about and view some concept artwork of Zaha Hadid’s quietly loud New York debut here.

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