The Work of Trapped in Suburbia

trapped in suburbia

There is a Chinese saying that says,”Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand.

Design studio Trapped in Suburbia takes that statement very much to heart. The group, composed of Richard Fussey, Karin Langeveld and Cuby Gerards, is all about creating experiences that benefit from human interaction. The company has been racking up rewards for its projects since 2008, when they took home the Bronze at the European Design Awards.

Among the collective’s most creative works, of which there are many, are the various poster series they have made. Among our favorites is the Shy Poster, one of the few works of art we’ve ever come across that has an actual personality disorder. This humorous poster, as you can see in the video below, reacts to being seen by hiding its colors.

Equally amusing is the collective’s Sound Posters. The company has produced several of these sound posters, each a little different than the last. The latest incarnation, Sound Poster 4.0 works off mechanics similarly to a theremin, the sound posters react to human presence by creating sound, without needing to be touched.

While the designs of these two poster projects may be relatively simple and straightforward, their interactive elements make them stand out from the ordinary by lending them a unique quality that similar works may lack.
Trapped in Suburbia is all about creating works that interact with their audiences. The company has created numerous works including books, websites and identity projects for clients, spacial installations, even organizing lectures and events. Learn more about them on their website.




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