“The Secret Story of TOYS” – Toy Sculptors Sure Have An Awesome Job


One way to gauge if you’re enjoying your life as much as possible is by weighing in on something you are probably spending most of your time on : your job. Does it bring you joy and happiness? Is it challenging and rewarding? Does your occupation speak to you on a deep, personal level connecting you with a fascination already innately within you? If you’ve answered yes to any of these introspective questions, consider yourself extremely fortunate because this is something many spend their lives searching for and is also something seldom ever obtained. Work is still work of course, and as such, it would be naive to expect any occupation or career to subscribe to being nothing but fun all the time (or at least most of the time). After watching a short video called “The Secret Story of TOYS” by Anthony Ladesich, it appears as though there’s at least one job out there that seems like it would inspire loads of childlike enthusiasm every day : toy sculpting. Yes, toy sculpting. There are actually people that hand sculpt these wonderful figures that are such integral parts of our childhood. And the process is quite fascinating. Contrary to popular belief, these posable sculptures are not just produced using scans and computer programs, they are originally sculpted by hand by very passionate artists with painstaking attention to detail. Jason Freiley, one of the talented sculptors interviewed in the video drives home a powerful sentiment at the end that kind of cements my ideas on this profession. He says:

“I suppose at the end of all of it, what you’re really doing is you’re trying to put, you know, a professional suit on the whole thing but you’re basically being a kid.” 

And that’s amazing. Of course, as with any job, there are long hours and deadlines to meet but it does look pretty awesome. If you are interested in taking a look at this fascinating process (I assume you are, you clicked on this post, didn’t you?) you can check out the aforementioned short video for yourself below.




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