Despite the fact that we don’t give it much conscious thought, color plays a very important role in how we perceive things. It is no wonder that rich blues and deep purples have long been associated with wealth and power, and that black is most yellows are most often used in association with summer, and fun, but it is not always so obvious that we carry those associations with us throughout our daily lives. The help us discern things as important as stop and go, and are as memorable as the symbols they represent.

Designers have long been taking this into account, and using color to convey the specific traits that a company is attempting to convey. A handy new list breaking down the emotional values of popular logo choices, put together by the folks over at the Logo Company, explains how everything from the friendly, cheerful orange glow of a Fanta to the balancing calm of apple’s monochromatic scheme has been considered. There, the writers explain that it is important that designers know what emotions colors draw from most people, so that they may “use that information to help present the business in the right way”

Read the rest on the psychology of science and see the list here.

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