The Real-Life Anchorman Who Inspired Will Ferrell to Create Ron Burgundy



In a recent Rolling Stone interview, actor Will Ferrel revealed that his inspiration to create the Ron Burgundy character came to him over a decade ago while watching a tv documentary on Jessica Savitch, the pioneering female broadcaster, and the sexism she encountered in the workplace in the 1970s.

Ferrel recalls how, “At one point, they were talking to this anchor, Mort Crim, who was basically saying, ‘I was an [profanity] to her.’ What made me laugh was watching him. He still spoke like this…he still used his on-camera voice.”

Ferrell and Crim have never actually met in person, but the former newsman has been invited to attend the Anchorman 2 premiere by Ferrell’s agent. As for how the actor will greet the newsman, Ferrell already has a plan: “I’ll give him a big kiss on the mouth, whether he wants it or not.” For now, we can watch this video of Crim in the late 70s in preparation of the big meet.




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